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I own a 89 300E. Its my first Mercedes and i love the car. About 2 days ago while i was driving around and came to a complete stop the car began to shake. I dont really know that much about cars, but with my benz i try to learn as much,...;i thought the spark plugs had something to do with the shaking so i went ahead and changed the spark plugs. When i removed the old spark plugs i noticed that the the ends were a dark black and had oil on them. After i changed the plugs the car ran much better but there is still a bit of shaking every once in a while. I have read many threads throughout this forum and i know there is alot of well experienced 300E w124 owners, and i wanted to ask you guys what is causing this problem and how can i get rid of it. One more i accelerate, the car tends to kickback quite often..i know its the transmission..but not exactly sure what the specific problem is...can someone explain how to go about fixing this problem, your help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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