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there are only a few tire stores I know about here in LA.

One is Firestone tire stores.
Another is Globe Tire
And another is Ozar Bros.

All of them are ok, but nothing like the tire shop that I used to go to, where I knew the manager . Unfortunately that chain went out of business.

Since my local Mercedes Dealer Recommends Globe Tire, I go to them for my stuff.

I just didn't get around to going there today to have them loosen up and hand torque the lugs down.

They are one of the few shops that I know that does hand torqueing.

I have found that most are rushing to get you in and out. But Globe doesn't care about doing it quickly, they do it right.

Personally I will start doing what some of you do, which is torque them myself.

I plan on keeping my torque wrench with me. My car came Sans Toolkit, so I don't have a factory lug wrench, but I prefer to use a bar that gives me more lift, and a longer bar is what I prefer to use for that extra lift.

Thanks for all the info guys, I'm going to make sure this does not happen again.


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