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ASR light / limp home / fault code 6

1994 E320 with ASR, a little over 100k. Three cold wet mornings in a row - same thing. ASR light comes on, car goes into the limp home mode (strange throttle behavior) and LED readout gives a fault code #6 (idle speed control inoperative). The strange thing is, I shut the car off, check and reset the code, start the car again, and it runs fine for the rest of the day. I tried a new brake light switch but it had no impact. It certainly appears to be temperature / humidity related.

I realize this may point to a bad engine actuator but I'm not quite ready to spend that kind of money - it's not that bad yet and I'm not yet so sure that's the problem. According to my parts supplier he sells a lot of new engine actuators and quite often gets a follow up phone call saying "well that didn't fix it". Any "better news" ideas about what it could be?
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