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It sure sounds like it's . . . .

a bad ETA. Very similiar to my problem described in MENU #24 on my MB page (click the 'www' icon below).

I disabled the ASR (it's described in Menu#24) and it worked ok for a while but that didn't fix the problem permanently. Had to replace the ETA.

It's not a bad job; I did myself in about 3-1/2 hrs. Got a break on the price from one of my tech's suppliers.

It appears that the main problem that causes this problem is centered in the "reference potentiometer" assy. The material literally wears out from the continual 'rubbing' of the contact arm, so that can't be repaired. Buying a used one is not that good either since it is already a bit worn. But if you can get one from a low milage 'wreck', for a good price, then that would probably be ok.
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