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"marine" batteries are just designed to be deeply discharged without damaging effects. But they still are used for starting the boat's motor.

I have one in my Jeep because I have a winch. Actually I recently sold my sailboat and the battrery was less than 3 months old so I kept it as I will be going to dual batteries on my Jeep. My other Jeep battery is a yellow top optima which is there deep cycle marine battery. Very popular for car stereo junkies.

Anyway, I was more concerned with the heavy starting load that diesels place on batteries.

Since I already have a huge marine battery I thought it might work. I don't know if diesel Mercs have special battery needs.

Anyway, my marine battery is too big and the terminals are backwards.

Walmart carrys a group 41 battery that will fit but is about 3 inches shorter than the group 49 that came out. I'm in small town Texas and battery selection is limited.
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