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Don’t expect traitorous responses.

I would expect that you won’t get any responses from the professional mechanics on a question like this because, as a professional, they would not second guess the diagnosis of another without being able to personally diagnose the problem themselves. I imagine they wouldn’t guess with the limited information you have, especially if you are asking them to castigate the dealer service technician.

If you ask a doctor or lawyer for an opinion about a colleague’s decision, you won’t get one unless there is compensation or another reason to do so. The ethics are questionable. For example, how could a doctor evaluate a condition without examining the patient? Is it similar for the car? I think so. The lack of responses only shows the good judgment of the professional mechanics that moderate this site.

Please understand that I am not defending the dealer. Read my earlier post. But I believe you will not see responses from the pros.

’85 500SL (Euro)
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