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MB use the last seven of the chassis to determine splits in production. When ever fast lane ask for chassis use the last seven of your chassis(vin number located in the left front part of dash usually on a little metal plate eg. 95 e320 frt brake pads , Fast lane ask you for chassis -B864307 this is up to those last seven numbers, or B864308- this is from that chassis number notice where the dash is, before is up to and after is from. So if you had a 95 e320 and needed front brake pads and the last seven of your chassis is C158785 you would use the ones with the dash after meaning from. Then there is engine numbers that MB loves to use for motor parts. the first six numbers are eng type the middle two designate auto (12) or standard(10) then the last six is the most important part eg 103 983 12 051521
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