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The only times I have seen this occur it was because the chain tentioner was installed improperly. It is VERY easy to do improperly.

The tentioner is a ratcheting type and it must be disassembled for installation. If the whole thing is installed it natuarally extends during the installation process to full length. When pulled tight the chain becomes severely overtightened.

The proper method is to pull the tentioner, push the piston out (it will only go longer until it comes out), place the body in the head and shove the piston in from the back side. The spring goes in and shoves the piston til it hits the chain. When the spring is tentioned by the end cap it applies only the spring force against the chain. After the motor runs the oil pressure holds the chain even tighter.

The value to the ratchet is when the oil pressure is gone the piston can only be shoved back to the closest ratchet position (not far) keeping the chain from rattling while oil pressure is building.

I can think of around 300 V8 owners who wished they had such tentioners (bg).
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