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Sparks, are you still there?

If you're still reading this thread, I can offer some Tampa - specific information. You probably already know that the 3 local Mercedes-Benz dealers want outrageous prices for their used cars. These are not the places to buy a car for a 16 year old.

Your next possibilities are used car places and private owners. Success is possible, but so is magnificent failure.

The last possibility is to buy from a trusted mechanic. Shops sometimes take cars on consignment and people usually tell their mechanics when they want to get rid of the car.

Unfortunately, I can recommend no Mercedes shop in our immediate area as "trustworthy". The primary reason I got rid of my two older Benzes was that I couldn't find anyone to work on them.

Don't despair, however. This is where MercedesShop's principal players come in. Steve Brotherton's shop is in Gainesville - not too far away. Benzmac is in Atlanta and I know he regularly comes up with cars for sale. Lee Sheeler is also in Atlanta and has mentioned a contact that is great at finding used cars. I certainly wouldn't mind driving 8 hours from Atlanta for a car that is "Benzmac certified."

So, I would say contact Steve, Donnie (Benzmac), and Lee through this board and tell them what you're looking for. Even if you find a car locally, it's probably worth a run up to Gainesville for an inspection by Steve and/or his underlings.

If you're interested, contact me privately for a list of shops to aviod in Tampa. There is one guy in Pinellas who was recommended to me, but I never went to him.
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