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Question Can anybody identify the part numbers?

Hi everybody, I have a couple of pesky parts under the hood that I took pictures of, but can't identify part numbers, because I need to order a new part for it. If anybody can help, that would be greatly appreciated

I have outlined in RED the hoses that I need to order and replace. Both parts that are on there now are not the OE parts, I had to gerryrig them on the spot out some generic rubber hose that I had.

Thanks for your time guys,

Andrew Halligan
1981 240D/297K/4-spd/OM617 (mine)
1982 240D/241K/4-spd (wife's)
1979 240D/291K/4-spd/OM617 (father-in-law's)
1983 300DT/240K/4-spd (brother-in-law's)
1985 300DT/???K/5-spd Intercooler conversion (brother-in-law's)
1985 280TE/160K/5-spd (father-in-law's)
1963 UNIMOG (brother-in-law's)
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