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my communite is not very long so i didn't notice this before but over the weekend, i drove from san francisco to LA and back. (380 miles each way.) when i drove down to LA, there was a burning smell under the hood. (not very strong and i wasn't able to smell it in the car, but when i got out, it was obvious.) opened the hood, the burning smell was coming from the front driver side of the car, near an ABS module. also, i noticed that the driver side was noticeably hotter than the passenger. i don't know if the long distance and/or the ABS module is causing the smell and the smoke (mild smoke - not very visible). i let the car cool off, and checked all the fluid levels - they were all okay.

i had to drive the car back to san francisco and i coulnd't get the car checked out while i was in LA. again, when i got back home, there was the burning smell. it smells like something is over heating and burning an oil. the smell is definitely coming from front driver side, right behind the head light. i can also see some burned marks around the metal pipes.

what could it be? it's near ABS module although i am not sure that it's ABS that's causing the smoke/smell.

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