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Hi all, Just wanted to update you on what has happened with my recent posts about my fathers car, my brohters car, and my lug bolt issue.

1. My fathers car.

Took it to my independent, Tranny is out and being fixed for way less than the dealer wanted. Front pump and main seal are being fixed, tranny doesn't need rebuild, and doesn't need a new torque converter.

Since the car was re diagnosed by an independent over the "we will only replace things" dealership, the car is being fixed.

2. My brothers 85 380SL Clicking noise update.

Turns out the Roller Rockers were worn completely and were replaced. The starter motor was also bad and replaced.

Car is fixed and all set.

3. My frozen lug bolts

Got an impact wrench 1/2 drive socket, put it on the new reversable torque wrench, tightened the torque setting to 81 ft lbs. and that lug came off with minor effort.

No tire shop or pep boys shop I went to today would even attempt it. They did not want liability if the lug broke leaving the bolt in the disc with no way of getting it out. I understand, but when I tell them I will sign a waiver, they still wouldn't do it, so I had to go by the old saying "If you want it done, Do it YourSelf!!"

So all in all everything worked out, and I didn't have to take any action or get aggrivated at all.

I called my independent today and asked about the spring installation, which I made an attempt at today and figured out that it was just beyond my capabilities to do it without the right tools and equipment. He quoted me $160 to do the springs. I'm taking it in to him on tuesday.

While I had the wheels off, I noticed its definately time for new brake pads, and possibly discs. I'll see what my independent says when me measure the discs as to whther I need to change the discs too.

So now I'm a happy Camper,

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