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get her a 190...

i just turned 17 at the end of december and i have an '85 190e 2.3. I like the car alot because of its more modern look and the fact that its not too big. I get good gas mileage and i can say that my car is definitely NOT too fast. The car feels really solid. Ive changed the oil every 3k miles and I haven't had to replace anything but things that should be worn out in a 15 year old car with 184k+ miles. I have to agree with what moyukh said about the stereo. That is the only drawback with the early 190s. Ive had to do alot of work just to put in the typical cruising gear (sub, head unit, amp etc.)

gas mileage
relatively cheap

Terrible stereo setup
very small back seat
small trunk
Dim factory head lights

Overall I would say that i am rather pleased with my car. I get alot of compliments from people at my school who dont realize how old it is. (everyone always thinks its an '92 or so)
There are some people at my school with some pretty nice cars, (z3's, 3 series, ranges, disoveries to name a few)and my car blends nicely in the parking lot.
I would check and look for a private seller. I got mine from an older gentlemen who installed a nokia phone kit in the car ($250) and babied the car.
Good Luck

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