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Had rough idle, now hard cold start

I have been hunting down a rough idle problem for some days now, using the board along the way. I have changed the plugs, the airfilters, cleaned the Idle valve ( it works, I hear it click when i run 12v on it, at idle seems to have 3.9v current ), ran Techron through, changed the motor mounts along the way. Changed some of the vacum rubbers, i did the lines some months back. Adjusted the timing.

However during this period all of a sudden the car has a real
problem starting in the morning, this just happened.
As soon as the car is hot, it runs ok, still fluctuation on the idle but not too bad.

I have no clue why all of a sudden cold start would be a problem, I have to give it gas to start, I have to rev it up to
get it going.

Any ideas ???
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