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Hi, all. I need the tune-up specifications for a (ca. 1984-5) fuel-injected, "Euro" M110 engine, as it would be in a (so-called) Gray Market 280SEL or similar car; i.e., the M110.987, .996, etc. engines that put out 185 hp.
The reason that I need this info (and don't have the owner's manual) is that I've just had my GWagen engine (low compression, low power) rebuilt to the higher output engine's specs (high compression pistons, camshafts, etc.) and I now need to know such things as:
1) spark plugs
2) ignition timing
and, if you have it, CO settings (for the f.i.), to finish setting up the engine. With its modifications, its former GWagen specs are no longer appropriate.
Thanks very much.
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