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To test the cold start valve, remove the wire and two screws holding the coil and stem onto the valve housing. Test the solenoid with a 12V source (the battery will work). The solenoid should draw in when energized. You can also test for flow by energizing the supply pump with the key. Fuel should flow into the valve housing. BE CAREFUL. Don't use incandescent lighting. Provided all this checks out, you likely have an injection pump problem. If the rack was frozen, there may be frozen parts in the governor section also (at the back of the pump). Also, I believe some later pumps had a fuel cutoff solenoid at the back of the pump which may be energized (erroneously). The cold start thermostat on the pump may also be frozen. I would be careful tampering with the pump if you do not understand it. A pump that pumps too much fuel into the cylinders can wash upper cylinder lubrication down and ruin the bores. BOSCH publishes a technical pamphlet available from Robert Bentley about the PE series pumps. It discusses diesel applications only, but after reading it you will know far more than you know now. The best thing may be to send the pump out. If you damage the pump it only adds to the cost of the rebuild.
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