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Thanks to all for your good advice. But stevebfl, if the valve job would not fix my problem then how would i resolve the mixture problem. My 300E tends to cosume about a quart of oil every 250 miles (pretty terrible). When i bought the car i bought a warranty for 2 years. "The warranty covers :pistons, piston rings and pins, crankshaft and crankshaft main bearings, connecting rods and connecting rod bearings, camshaft and camshaft bearings, timing belt or chain, timing gear,timing tensioners, rocker arms, rocker shafts and rocker bushings, valves, valves springs, valve retainers, valve guides and valve seats; lifters, push rods and followers; oil pump. Cylinder block and cylinder head(s) are covered only if damaged as as result of a mechanical failure of a covered internal part of the engine. Rotor, eccentric shaft and all other internally lubricated parts on rotary engines are also covered." I have called them and explained to them my problem and they have asked me to take the car in, saying that it might be a small problem (doubt it). Out of all the things covered above, what should be replaced so that i may suggest to the warranty company what needs to be done.

Thank You
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