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Before buying the parts to fix an idle problem (dying and jumpy) I checked for vacuum leaks under the air cleaner. Found 4 vacuum lines disconnected. This could be the source of my problems!?! I reconnected them but noticed that there is a vertical vacuum fitting on the right side of the manifold between the fuel distributor and the intake side of the manifold. The rubber fitting goes to a splitter that goes to what looks like a sensor and the fuel EHA (I think). This black rubber fitting looks as though molten rubber (1/2” x ½” x 1”) was dripped onto the top of the fitting. I can’t tell if it was a splitter and melted or this rubber came from somewhere else. Is there any plug in the air cleaner cover that could have fallen out? Has anyone ever seen or heard of such a thing?

’85 SL500 Euro
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