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Mine was expiring soon so I took it to the local MB dealer and had a lookover. They found my cyl head gaskets were leaking oil? That's what I thought but they said MB's will usually leak oil out instead of antifreeze. They ripped her apart and did the job and also resealed my front seal on tranny and adjusted everything. Personally I never had a drip anywhere and I call Bull**** on the cyl gaskets but I paid $100 for a tranny reseal and an upper end job that was billed about $3400. She's good for another 100K now. The best or worse part depending on how you look at it is when they power washed my car they blasted some clear off my hood. They are stripping and repainting that too. Better them than the local car wash. Just wanted to share the benefit of paying $2500 for a 1 year warranty on a 12 year old car. I figure They did over $7000 in repairs this year, not bad!
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