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Jason M.
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The Time I let my 16 year old Sister borrow my 300E

Let me tell ya about the time I let my 16 year old Sister borrow my 300E.

I had just bought a second car, a one owner, garage kept, 73K mile 1986 300E (Gas 3.0) Being 18 and in school it was a stretch to get a second car, but I managed to pay cash for it. Her car was in the shop for a new paint job. I let her borrow my 300E to take out saturday night because my truck was too big for her. She promised to have it back by 11 pm... I wake up at 2:30 in the morning to a phone ringing. Its my sister... she was driving along and it "just died". I go to pick her up, only to find on further inspection that there is a hole in MY beautiful car's oil pan about the size of my head. She had run over something and didnt think about it and had driven about 3-4 miles with no oil.... Needless to say I drove my truck around for a month while the insurance paid for the rebuild as a road hazard. Not much fun... I say make them earn it.... I did and thats why my car is immaculate inside and out 24/7, thats why I can go to school and have two cars, thats why I dont have speeding tickets. Just a word of advice, A 300E is a great car w/ loads of safety features (also looks like a MUCH newer car) but she'd take better care if she worked for it.

Best of Luck

Jason M.
1986 300E 88K
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