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MOS2 Anti-friction engine treatment,
Properties. Forms a friction and wear reducing "moly" film on all sliding surfaces of the engine. The engine runs smoother,quieter,cooler, more reliably. Provides an extra measure of protection under extreme operating conditions, e.g. extreme temperatures,engine overheating under high loads,loss of oil, etc. Miscible with all motor oils.

Benefits. Up to 50% less engine wear. Reduces oil and fuel consumption. Longer engine life. Safeguards against breakdowns and repairs. Smother, more pleasent engine operation.

I took this right out of the book. I have been to manny lubro molly seminars with Gary Boyd(1 800 223 1634) the rep of it here in the US. This guy swears by all of its products. The one thing that I like about the product is that it is all made in Germany.
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