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"Stake it down is a legitimate term".

I'm sure it is but I was not familiar with the term. Yes I did bend over the locking tab on the shaft nut.

"What does hammer the nut into the opening to lock it in mean?"

That is the official term for, "I don't know the correct name, Stake"
Thanks for the info.


I did not remove the tail flange, only the yoke to replace the output shaft seal.

I will check to downshift switch.
But I am puzzled, The only connections to the tranny are the modulator valve and the speedometer cable. I am not familiar with the black vacuum cables involvement with the downshift switch on the floor. I though the down shift was controlled by the air switch cam on the valve cover. I will look into this.

Went to the dealer today and got some conflicting info. 2 shop formans discussed the problem with me and felt it might be the governor. The 15 inches of vacuum, they said was not correct on the 722.117 tranny. One said the governor should allow the tranny to shift and override the vacuum. The Service Advisor I use said it won't, He owns 3 240Ds and used to have a shop.

So tomorrow I will stop by the dealer and talk to the 123 expert. If we bring the car there he is the one who will look at it. That way I should get the correct info, I hope.

Time to buy a 722.117 manual.

Second Item. I was informed that the W123 transmission was usually in need of a rebuild after 100,000- 150,000 miles due to the paper gaskets that were used initially in the tranny. Over time, water would build up and ruin them which woudl lead to a tranny rebuild. The 2 shop formans said the 722.117 tranny did not have this problem and is a rather strong transmission with very few problems. So is the idea of a rebuild really necessary, or could we be just talking about adjustments.??

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