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Thanks for the replys. Sorry I got testy. The leak is the left front drain. The water drips from the joint between the head liner and the door pillar vinyl cover. When I retract the sunroof and poke around it is very obvious that the metal has rusted out. All three of the other drains are fine, I poured water in the channel and they all work. The leaky one works too, but has evidently rusted out around the drain hole. As I mentioned, I ran new tubing down the drain hole and sealed in a washer. Water poured into the channel does run out the drain, but also into the car and drips down on my leg and into the carpet, which takes forever to dry out (its been lying out in the sun or in the garage for a week and is still damp).

Thanks again, but it sounds like a job for a body shop. Any ideas about how much money I'm looking at?

Rod McDanel
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