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Unhappy Auto transmission not shifting after installation 190E Help !!!!

OK my engine 2.3 8vlv was rebulit and starts and works fine but something must have been done wrong that the transmission does not shift at all. I drained both torque converter and tranny used 4 quarts of tranny fluid.

I installed the flywheel with 2 spacers on each side, then the torque converter with 6 bolts attached to the flywheel, and plugged the transmission in and installed the bolts and swapped.

For some reason it is not shifting when I move the shift knob. I have an extra transmission with torque converter to try to figure out what the problem is and I placed the torque converter to the transmission gear and I spin it, but the other side of the trasmission (where the driveshaft is attached) does not move.

Perhaps the torque converter doesn't align correctly with the transmission gear... Any suggestions ?????????
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