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Davis Lo
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A friend of mine has a 1992 500SEL with 50,000 miles.He told me today about a major repair of its transmission and just ask me to have a try . I drove it tonight and BTW what a luxurious jet! the tansmission is not as bad as expected. What it does is that shifts a bit harsh at 1-2
2.a bit slip (about 200-300rpm) at 2-3
3.very harsh when kick down from 2-1

This car is regularly serviced by the dealer who told my friend in the recent service that the transmission needs a total rebuild of $2,000 US dollars!! According to its service record, the tanns was seviced 6,000miles ago. I think the trans is fine but just needs an adjustment.I know that involves the adjustment of the modulator and the blowden cable.I have searched the related topics but I just want some more advises about the way to adjust to improve the above 3 problems!! Thanks Guys!!

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