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I'm talking about the rear multilinks. But my car's vin # is before the # that you posted. But I guess that isn't really applicable since you were talking about the front huh? =)

My car is no longer under warranty. I think the bushing has been bad for a while. Because the steering wheel no longer centers itself as fast as it used to. I thought this was an allignment problem. But apparently not. The mechanic that drove my car around the block before starting the attempted allignment job said the rear-end felt loose. He said the broken bushings were probably the cause.

Wow, are you serious!? The same parts are used on the 300E? I'm quite disappointed to hear this. Now I have to pay for Mercedes' cost cutting. I would think with a low profile wheel/tire combo. The bushings would take a good beating if they weren't designed for such an application. I'm not affraid to do the work myself it its easy to do. I may try to find the parts on Fastlane and do it myself. I have helped my friend install an aftermarket suspension before. Do you think this would be any different?


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Are they the front control arms or the rear multi links that we are discusing here? I belive he is talking about the front control arms. If they are the rear multi links please ignore my previous post.
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