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Yes, just like the trailing arm rear suspension that preceded it, the same suspention has been used since 1986.

I thought Dr Parts original post was appropriate as most of the rear links have had their numbers change 2 or 3 times. But if you had an 86 300E you would get the same link over the counter a MB parts counter as your 210 chassis.

I'm not sure of the reason for the change in numbers for all the links but the camber link is probably 10 times stronger in its current form than the original. The original was a "U" shaped channel. The replacement has been "boxed" to form a tube. The link I suspect you are needing (the ones at 45 degrees to direction of travel) have had their bushings changed with a larger bolt. These may be straight replacements for your car but need two additional parts to be installed on a 124 body (the bolt and sleeve). This part is only $31 suggested MB list. It obviously would not be cost effective to make replacement bushings for it. By the way the latest # 210 350 33 06 replaces an old # 201 350 56 06. If you know anything about MB part numbers the 201 is significant!
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