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Sorry, John...

None of the products produced by Redline or by Lubro-Moly contain PTFE's. I agree with you on the subject of snake oil additives you see on TV. Slick 50, Motor-Up, and all of those others are crap.

The link you supply from GS Resources (a Suzuki motorcycle site), provides a reprint of an article from the August 1992 edition of Road Rider magazine that seems to be accurate, unbiased, and is also endorsed by me for informational purposes as well. But they don't mention Redline or Lubro-Moly, and they also don't seem to like synthetic oil but they never mention Mobil 1, or Redline by name.

Why not check out Liqui-Moly's and Redline's websites and see what you're knocking here. I know you're a rational guy who takes his car care seriously, but these products don't deserve to be compared to STP, Wynn's, Rislone, Slick 50, Motor Up, or any of the other doggy doo that you can buy at K-Mart, WalMart, or the corner auto parts store. Although you can get some Redline products at PepBoys.

And, David, I can't speak for MercedesShop. Perhaps Sir Bill, Ye Olde Webmaster, will grace us with his comments?
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