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here is what I have found so far

After reading about the "banjo" fitting on the end of the intake manifold I went out to the car to nose around some. I cleaned the banjo fitting and also found that the plastic hose at the banjo fitting end had a hole in it. I cut it back to insure that when I put it back together I have a complete hose here. Also, while I had the hose disconnected at the banjo fitting end I unhooked the hose at the aneroid compensator and blew through the hose at the intake manifold end. I did not get anything out at the aneroid end of the hose (this was all done with the car off). I strongly suspect that the overboost protection switchover valve is plugged up. I will pull it off tomorrow and see if I can get air through it. How much trouble could I get into if I just ran the hose from the banjo fitting straight to the aneroid compensator and bypassed the switchover valve? The car has about 215k miles on it. Also, I will eventually get around to putting a pressure gauge on the line from the banjo fitting to see what kind of boost pressures I am getting.
thanks for replys/comments
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