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The products we sell are NOT Slick 50 "miracle" products. As stated above, Slick 50 and other PTFE products are SNAKE OIL! Redline and Lubro Moly do not market that type of product at all.

Water Wetter, Ventil Sauber, Diesel Purge, etc are really professional products. They do work and many shops use these products or something similar by BG Products. Most shops use some kind of chemical additive to clean injectors, valves, etc. Lots of people use Water Wetter and it does work well.

BUT, for me personally...and I am NOT a mechanic (my background is electrical engineering so what do I know about materials!) I do NOT believe in ever adding ANYTHING to motor oil. I don't care what it is or who made it. I am always concerned about upsetting the carefully designed balance of lubrication and cleaning that is designed into motor oil. My feeling is that additives added to the fuel for cleaning purposes simply do their job and pass through. Anything added to the oil is going to be in there for several thousand miles.
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