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Davis Lo
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Is the painting of your right door different in terms of

2.Flatness of the paint or the door surface
3.the extent of the wind noise at high speed comparing to the left side.??

For 1, if your car is in metallic paint, there can be a chance that the new paint is a bit different from the original one especially under sunshine.

For 2, If the door had a damage, the door will never be as smooth and flat as a new untouched one regardless of how good the job is done.(Unless the whole door skin has been replaced)

For 3, If the door has been taken off for repair or replacement, the wind noise is likely to be a bit noticable due to the adjustment of the door hinge may not be as good as factory work.(Every car has a individual adjustment of the door fixing in factory to collect the mouldings variation with assistance of computer measurement.)

Hope this helps!
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