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As I pulled out of my office car-lot this morning and noticed a the vintage 280SL (probably about a '76 make) parked in front, it reminded me that my friend bought his daughter (also 17) a similar car for her birthday. She really liked it so much that she took time to learn more about MB cars and even enrolled in a course for car maintanence.

I believe her Dad was really proud of his investment - more for the value of seeing his daughter so pleased with the present.

So its a Sunday routine, or so I hear, that the daughter will take her Dad out for a drive while they learn more of the 280SL.

What does her Mom do when Dad's out?


*PS. Btw - MB is the #1 best selling car in Singapore. However, BMW might now just overtake that pole position this year. And yes, its nice shopping in Singapore ...

... Kerry

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