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I lowered my 300e tonight. I used B+G springs, from and install was a cinch. I used them upon advice of a friend that knows high performance and spends a lot of time at the track . He said they are as good if not better than H&R's, Eibach's etc. I was hesitant as I had Eibach's on my 190 but took his advice. I left the stock spring pads. 2 Front and 3 Back. The quality looked top notch and the ride seems to be great. The only problem I am having is that the back doesn't look as low as the front. I know that the spring pads are thicker in the back, but shouldn't it lower almost equally? Does the difference between 2 and 3 (5mm) make that much difference? I was wondering before I swap out the pads at the back to 1. I still want to be able to align the car to spec. Thanks.

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