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Retro Brakes Jason?

I imagine I've missed the reason for the modification.
I've always used the brake materials designed for my W124030.
With the OEM pads ans rotors, I have outstanding brakes with the feel that was designed into them.
With ABS, "Stomp, Steer and Stay" technique, my Benz will shut itself down.
Not driving F-1, just plain old USA traffic, I have yet to feel the need to modify my brakes.
I change the front pads at 35,000 miles service and the rotors every other change. The rear pads will last about twice as long as the front.
To each his own!
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo

Jason you could have the best of the best brakes plus a drag shute with a boat anchor and these will not change the driving habits of others.
Defensive driving.

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