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If you haven't changed the wiring and added relays (prewired relays and kits are availavle on internet for about $50) then I would stick to 55/60, preferably as Hella +30 or equivalent Philips "Premium". Or I am about to try the Philips +50 "Vision Plus" bulbs. All these are 55/60, but with redesigned filaments and/or gas mixtures. Anything besides a stock H4 will be hard to find except at maybe a Rice Boy shop. Many people use overwattage (55/100, 85/100) on stock wiring with no problem, but enough people have fried their wiring/connectors that I wouldn't do it without a wiring change.
The 55/60 H4 bulbs are cheap and readily available, install a set and then look for which way to go with wiring, over wattage, etc. If you want to look at wiring or specialty bulbs after you give the 55/60s a try, contact me and I will email you a handful of useful links and articles. Good luck.

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