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I posted my few cents worth a few days ago on this... I changed the 4 road springs and also added a set of 4 Bilsteins adjustable gas struts about 6 months ago on my 500 SEL. I opted to set the struts as low as they would go. I have a Euro edition, M117 engined W126 without the hydraulic suspension to worry about, it gives me the optimum ride I could select from the new coil springs plus, the minimum clearance between the tyres and and the rear wheel arches,,,, The car looks likes, squats, and drives like, a million dollars. Sit at the lights at the red,,,, grin at the guy next to you,,,, hit the the pedal and I can be at 60 mph before 7 seconds and still reach 150 mph before he even knows what time of the day it is ! ! !
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