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Cut It Out, You Two...

The intention here is to help PartsShop sell some Liquivacs, not to find ways of replacing it! :p

Don, the seals in the pump never see any oil in the Liquivac because it is a suction device that works on the principle of reverse atmospheric pressure. Your J.C. Whitney electrical pump has an impeller in it, and pulls the oil up, and through the impeller. The concern about changing oil hot with the Liquivac is stated in the instruction sheet that came with the unit: "Do not use with hot engines...Failure to comply may result in tank distortion and/or collapse."

If the two tanks are made from the same material, and Liquivac's is made of thicker material, and you change your oil hot into a thinner tank of that same material, then logic would dictate that the Liquivac should be able to withstand higher temperature than as is stated in the product literature.

RSB, get the hell out of here with your fancy $600 medical apparatus! First, where would anyone (me?) get one of these things cheaper than a Liquivac? And remember that blood is both cooler 98.6F, and thinner than even hot motor oil. Also, what about that heat factor on the medical device?

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