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I totally missed out on the idle issue...

I was respoinding to the no power remark he made.

When the 190e my bro had had a plugged cat, the car sounded like it was gasping for air, and you could put your foot down in gear, get up to 1500 revs and it would sputter and die out. It happened on the freeway at 65mph, car just lost all power and everything.

when the cat was replaced all was fine.

Just thinking it might be a contributor tot he problem.

But your the pro MB DOC. I won't disagree with your diagnosis.

Rob, got a question for you. Where are you located? i would check the good mb shops section of the forum, you should have no trouble finding a good shop close to you if its listed in there.

if you are in Los Angeles, I know a good shop just over the hill in the san fernando valley off reseda and the 101 freeway.

Its called Mr. MB Motors In tarzana. The guy there enrique is very good, and his prices wont break the bank. he just fixed my dad's SL (Dealer wanted to put in new tranny and torque converter for $4-5000) for $900 which involved dropping out the tranny and replacing the front pump and main seal. He fixed my brothers car at the same time, which had completely worn rockers. He also adjusted the brakes, changed fluids, and checked out the whole car. Cost my bro $500 for the repair.

I'm going in on tuesday to have my springs done and suspension bushings inspected for any worn bushings, trans and engine mounts inspected, and other things inspected. He is only charging me $160 for the spring install.

My other independent who works on most exotic cars etc, wanted $250 for the spring install, so I'm saving money by going to my independent MB only specialist over my independent shop that works on ferraris, porsche, rolls, mercedes, Lamborghini, BMw, and other cars.

Spo if you are in LA, chck out Mr MB Motors in Tarzana. If you are elsewhere, check the Good MB shops forum on this site and se if someone has listed a good shop you can go to.

keep us posted on the problem, I'm curious to know what the cause of it is and what it tookt o fix it.



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