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Just completed Euro Light conversion on my 500E.
I did not use this kit, I don't know about this brand of lights but it has everything you will need ( and more ). You won't have to worry about hooking up the City Lights unless you want to use them for DRLs
The main items you will need are the Headlights and plugs along with some space to aim the lights and adjust as necessary. ( my set was way off ). As for the corner lights, yeah they're cheap plastic but depending on the shape of your amber corners you can either keep them or swap them. You will probably have to keep the lamp sockets though. In the US we use the 3 pin plug and Europe uses just 2 pins.
It took my longer than others on this group to do the swap. I spent about 8 hrs over 2 days because after removing my trim pieces under the lights I decided to sand them and repaint because of some serious rock chips and I took my time aiming the head and fog lights. Also I had a little problem converting from the 4pin sockets to 6pin because the sockets were numbered differently than the directions I was given, but no big thing. It's nice they threw in new trim for under the headlights.
Bottom line is, even if they are not the best, they are better than what you have on there now.
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