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Hello All,

I have had a strange thing happening on my MB (84' 380SL)
There doesn't seem to be any consistant condition that seems to causes it like low gas, temp, accessories on/off...

I can be at a traffic light and the idle will suddenly jump up to about 1700 rpm's from about 500. I am now keeping my foot on the brake regularly to avoid lunging at the car in front of me but obviously, this can't be a good thing not to mention the decreased gas mileage. I had an issue with the fuel relay in the past and (thanks to you guys) figured out it just had to be soldered. That was about a year ago I took the rely out and had it soldered by a MB mechanic for a smile and it resolved the problem. (car wouldn't start)
I am fairly mechanically inclined and would like to try to solve the problem if I can... Any Ideas? Is this condition destructive to my engine?

Thanks in advance for your replies...


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