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there is a TV throttle - vavle cable that will influence your shift points. If you go down this road, mark were you started from and make small adjustments. It will change the full spectrum of your shifting from early to late pending weither you shorten or crank length into the cable. It will not cure your 4th gear without change 1,2 and 3. There is a given pressure for were the tranny shifts. I doubt you have a guage or know were to bolt it up to the tranny or know that max pressure limit so be sure you know were you started from. Myt car came from the factory as a late shifter or slow kick down for around town. When I went to 3/4 throttle I was always waiting for it to down shift and it would not unless I floored it. That was stupid for around town driving. Changing the TV cable gave my 300-E proper shifting manners.
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