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It's not that I wasn't looking when I backed up...

But S!@#... my new 94 e420..I cracked the tail light lense (no big deal, just replace price is here?) got some paint smeared on the finish (came off ..almost all..with some elbow grease) but the impact strip on the bumper is cracked. No holes, just cracked.

I could buy a new impact strip..but this is a '94..mono tone.. I would need to get it painted to match the car. and since it's a different material from the bumper (or so I gather from the 450 posts I've read so far)..what do you use to paint it..that "special" flexible bumper paint, followed by a top coat etc etc ? these impact strips don't come magically pre painted by any wishful chance , do they...? was alluded to in a previous post(#543.5 I believe) I go to one of those "dr bumper repair magic places" and have them (again I assume) hot air weld the thing back together?

help please..

The impact strip has a scratch as well in a different place..not from me (no, really! it was there when I bought the car)So maybe replacing the whole thing is an ok idea...I am not anal about the appearance of the car, but I definitely want to get this fixed.

So, sports strip, or fix the old one?
John Pazdan
94 E420
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