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I Like Mine

Scott, My remarks about the heated oil damaging the Manual pump seals, was taken from comments about the new kid on the block. I understand how the reverse pressure principal operates.

Ronald_M, the 12 volt electric pump I have on my El Cheapo Topsider can be mail ordered from J.C. Whitney in Chicago, Ill. It normally sells for $19.95 plus frieght. The 2 1/2 gallon Gott fuel container sells for approx. $4.95 at Walmart. If you need more info contact me at my E-Mail address, this has gone far enough on the forum.
This electric Topsider pumps the sump empty in about 2-3 minutes.
I hope this will be the last comparison between the two different, but the same oil changing aide.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo
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