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Greetings All,

This may seem like a non-educated question, but in light of poor acceleration from a stand still I'll ask it. All reference is made to a 1980 300TD non-turbo, and yes that's probably the reason right? At any rate, it seems slow to accelerate from a stand still, manually shifted or using the given choice of second by the tranny. Just wondering if there is some adjustment on the injection pump I should be looking at or adjusting or testing to see if the proper amount of fuel is being delivered or perhaps too much causing it to dog out on start out. After the shift to second done manually, RPM's seem to pick up and the shift from 2nd to 3rd is to quick (only maybe 7-10 MPH more)
Any input as to what the various screw adjustments do, besides the idle of course would shed some light on to what options are available for testing out different results it has on initial performance.


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