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I recently purchased my first MB, a 91 300CE(EURO) with 149K KMs. The car is in great shape but it has been in storage for two years (outside) and has some problems. I have read through more posts than I can digest for now but would like some information from anyone who has been there.

Are there any specific issues I should be looking for as I go through the corrective maintenance process?

Any advice on where to purchase Owners Manuals, Shop Manuals, the CD, or online parts? I have a dealer near by, they have a great reputation for quality and unfortunately price.

Here is the short list of repairs due:

Seems to be slow to start ?? Slightly rough idle (I'm sure it needs a tune up after sitting so long)

Passenger side mirror (Moves up and down, but not in and out)

Both front windows appear to go up a touch too far (Doors are difficult to close with windows fully up)

Drivers door lock not working. The door locks and unlocks but the key mechanism is broken. (Victim of an attempted break in, well not attempted, they broke the window out and destroyed the radio)

No air from the Center Vent (pushbuttons have no effect on air flow 70% from defroster and 30% from side vents)

Most of the difficulty I'm having is trying to figure out how the car is supposed to behave. It took me two days to figure out how to open the gas filler door. (Compounded because the battery was dead and I was looking for a lever somewhere)

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this project and sure would appreciate any advice
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