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Beautiful 2 owner 240D for sale - DC area

I hope I dont regret selling this car, but I'm over the limit by one after our 300SD buying frenzy caused by my daughter taking my wife's car to college and my wife wanting another diesel and me finding one I liked a lot.

I plan on putting this up on ebay in a few days, but thought I'd post it here first. I'm asking $3500 which seems about in line with what they are going for here in the shape it's in. A couple of weeks ago, one went for $5500 buy-it-now ( I know, too high, but it worked for him) on Ebay that was similar, but less miles.

Pictures are at

Note: the cruise control amp is out for warranty repair, but will be reinstalled soon.

Here is the cheesy text that will go in Ebay:

SUPERB 1982 Mercedes 240D. Must see!

Our story opens when a US army officer was stationed in Germany when he decided to buy his dream car, a Mercedes 240D with a 4-speed manual transmission. He visited the factory and listened to the employees discuss why they thought the 240D was the most reliable car that could be made. He eagerly signed the papers and returned a few days later to pick up the car, a US spec. model.

He was ushered into a large white room with an immaculately white painted floor. As he looked around the room and at the 3 white-coated engineers by the far wall, a large door opened and a beautiful stunningly white brand-new 240D was driven in. The smiling driver got out of the car with clip-board in hand, came over to the officer and went down a thorough list of operating guidelines. He spent two hours with the man and the man felt as though the engineers would only let the car go if they felt he understood what he was getting.

A year later, the officer was transferred back to the US and had the car shipped to Virginia. Back in the states, the officer, who was a logistics professional in Washington DC and demanded precise records, had the car serviced at the required intervals. He and his wife had no children, so the back seat was almost never used and the entire car was kept pristine. Rubber floor mats were put down front and back (the kind that can hold a quart of water), the car was cleaned and waxed regularly, and was driven by a man who truly loved and enjoyed it.

The car averaged less than 9000 miles a year and was always kept in the garage. When something broke (rare), it was promptly repaired. The car gave excellent service and was loved.

Fast forward 20 years: As the man aged, he eventually was talked into buying a mini-van in order to haul around his golfing buddies and equipment. A decision was made to sell the car. An ad was put in the paper and on a Sunday morning the phone rang.

It was me calling. Early. The car was just what I wanted, knowing the reputation and reliability of these cars. I knew that these cars are used as taxis in some of the most severe driving conditions around the world. I knew that many reach a half a million miles with little trouble and that one or two hit a million. I knew the 240D was the most durable and reliable car Mercedes made because it had no automatic climate control to break Ė just a simple manual air conditioning and heating system (though the heater cleverly incorporates separate adjustments for each front seat). I knew the manual transmission was less far prone to trouble than the automatic and gave much better performance, and I knew having manual windows would mean something else electric that couldnít break. The impeccable records since delivery (including all the ownerís manuals), the fact that the car was always garage-kept, and the immaculate interior of the car sold me. As the phone was ringing off the hook in the manís house that morning, I bought the car.

For two years I commuted 75 miles a day in comfort and safety. Twice the car was driven from Maryland to Florida and back for Thanksgiving. The smooth manual transmission, the comfortable ride, and the reliability of the famous 4-cylinder Mercedes diesel made the mostly highway commutes effortless. The 30 mpg of cheap diesel made the trips even better.

Now, regrettably, I must sell the car. It seems not to have aged; the tan MB-tex interior is nearly perfect?only some slight wear on the driverís seat. The carpets have been protected by burly rubber mats and are in excellent shape. The dashboard looks brand-new with nary a blemish. The interior wood is in excellent shape with only a couple of barely-visible hairline cracks. All controls work properly. The large manual sunroof slides easily. The power antenna works. The cruise control works perfectly. The doors close rock-solid, the car is rattle and squeak-free (though sometimes the 4-wheel discs squeak), the ride is supple and controlled. The tires have many thousands of miles left. The car always started in temperatures down to 12 degrees without a block heater.

The complete records show that the car has never been in a body shop. There are no dents, just the usual gravel-induced paint chip here and there (the previous owner was thorough with the MB touch-up paint). The white paint is deep and lustrous and looks nearly new. There is only one rust spot on the body, low on the back door and the chin spoiler has a bit.

The engine runs like new and appears to be a rather strong example?when looking for a car, I drove a couple that were very sluggish. There are no oil leaks. The previous owner said the car has always used a quart of oil every 5000 miles?exactly what it uses now. The previous owner changed the oil (7 quarts!) every 2500-3000 miles. I do it every 5000 miles since my driving is almost all highway (MB recommends 7500).

Working on the car is simplicity. Oil changes are a snap, fuel filter changes easy. I replaced the heater fan last year in twenty minutes?a six hour job in my wifeís Volvo. When I bought the car, it had to pass Maryland state inspection, arguably the toughest in the nation since itís only done once, at the time of purchase. They ALWAYS find something. The best they could do was an alignment. Within the last two years I have replaced the brake shoes and rotors, the AC receiver/drier, the heater fan, the thermostat, oil, fuel and air filters, two door checks, and uh, thatís all. As durable a car as there is.

The car currently has 230,000 miles and still drives like new. As any Mercedes aficionado will tell you, regular maintenance, especially early on, is far more important than number of miles.

A couple of months ago I installed a brand new XM-ready Pioneer hi-power stereo with CD/MP3 player. Exceptionally good sound.

This is not a new car and there are some things that arenít perfect. The air conditioner works, but has developed a leak. Rather than track it down, Iíve been recharging it (It was converted to R-134 before I bought it) since the cans are only $3.50. The vacuum powered door locks work, but sometimes one lock is a bit sluggish. The windshield has two cracks and a ding. Every time Iím ready to replace it, it seems like I get another, so Iíve been hesitant. The insulating hood pad gave up recently Ė hanging from the hood over a diesel engine for 22 years is tough. I experimented with gluing it back, and in the end could detect no noticeable difference in noise level with or without it. Otherwise, the car works perfectly, like the day it was delivered.

Iím trying to be as honest as I can about the car Ė maybe I love the car so much that Iíve missed something. While the interior and exterior are great, it is a 22-year old car and there are bound to be some minor imperfections. It is not a show car, itís driven daily. But, I doubt there are many 240Dís that look and run as close to new as this one; if youíre looking for a superb example of an exquisitely cared for 240D, this is it.

Serious buyers please, this is not a ďbargain hunter specialĒ. I hope for a smooth and painless transaction. I would be happy to call you or communicate via email. I have clear title (only the second one this car has ever had).

Cash, cashier's check or cleared personal check before transfer of ownership.

Note that I require the auction winner to submit an $80 deposit immediately if he or she can not inspect the vehicle within a ten day period following the close of the auction. The deposit will not be returned if the buyer declines to accept the unit after inspection, it will be used to cover my listing expenses. The deposit will be applied to the selling price if the buyer accepts the car following inspection.

If you'd like any more pictures, email me at and I'll do my best.
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