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Okay, please allow me to throw another piece into the puzzle of orange v. green. I'm guessing that the MB orange coolant is the same basic formulation as the texaco "Dexcool". While I'm new to MB, I do have some experience with GM and they have problems with the Dexcool. Auto techs refer to the stuff as "Dexclog"! The stuff leave deposits in the cooling system and causes radiators and heater cores to clog up. After many TSB's, the current fix is to install a "T" fitting and back flush the system when it clogs.
Has anyone experienced clogging problems with the MB Stuff?
My 96 SS has the orange stuff, (Dexcool) and has been through 2 radiators and 2 heater cores (currently working on #3. Each time the items were replaced under warantee, but #3 is not covered. Many people (from the SS list) have switched to the green formula with excellent results, NO MORE CLOGS, and i'm going to do the same. The compatability issue is the same...can't mix 'em. The entire cooling system must be flushed out completely.
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