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I too have suffered this phenomena, but in a 1984 380SE.
The only solution I have found is a pitiful solution called braking with the left foot while maintaining slight gas pedal pressure. As the problem is so infrequent and is solely at very low speed, this switching of the feet at the last moment has become nearly second nature.

This car has been in the family for 14 years and in the early days, much as attempted by the local dealer. The idle speed control valve and the brain have been replaced several times with no long term change.

However, on several attempts, the old carb cleaner in search of an air leak revealed air leaks in a vacuum hose and replacement of same did fix the problem for some period of time. However, the problem always returns.

Over the last two years, the car is sometimes slow to start when cold despite brand new injectors.

I clearly intend to try the above mentioned potentials but must first focus on the new problem that I posted on the Tech site.

Thanks for the info.

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