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Wm. Lewallen
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Welcome to the big debate on which antifreeze is best. My experience with Prestone has been very good over the past 50 years. No problems with any part of the car. The last 34 years it's been with Mercedes. The only time I ever had to replace a radiator was when I bought a 1983 300SD in 1993 from an elderly couple that had bought the car new and had it serviced at the MB prescribed intervals. Of course it had the MB antifreeze in it. Two years after I bought the car, the connection where the top hose fits broke. I figured it was age and heat. Now I'm beginning to think it was the Mercedes antifreeze...
Gary, do you are anyone remember when Prestone was clear and was sold in steel quart cans. I don't know when the green dye was added
The original MB(BASF)antifreeze was also clear. I now hear that it is orange in color. Isn't that the same color as Zerex. Zerex is made by Valvoline. They also make Glysantin G 05 that is used Mercedes. Valvoline has their headquarters here in Lexington and when I called to inquire where I could the Glysantin, I was told it was not for sale to the general public. I would have to buy it from a Mercedes dealer. If it's so good, why don't they let the public buy it?
Gary(G.L.Moy),you say you bought a bottle for $12 at a local auto parts store. I've tried all the auto stores in Lexington and can't find it anywhere.None
of them had never heard of it. They also laughed when I told them of its magic powers. Most of them told me to be safe and use either Prestone or Zerex. I agree. Which store did you buy the Glysantin G 05? I will await your reply.
Bill Lewallen Lexington,Ky. Home of Valvoline's Glysantin G 05.
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