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You said "Gary, do you are anyone remember when Prestone was clear and was sold in steel quart cans."

Sorry before my time. Do however remember metal oil cans.

Gary(G.L.Moy),you say you bought a bottle for $12 at a local auto parts store. I've tried all the auto stores in
Lexington and can't find it anywhere.None

They got it from their oil supplier, who handles Valvoline.
Their is a part # on the bottle besides the MBZ part number
it is VFF84697A on the front of the bottle and VBF84697A
now this could be the front and back label numbers, or
perhaps the Valvoline p/n F84697A.

From Scott, "Mercedes antifreeze, Part Number Q 1 03 0002. Fast Lane has it for $10.89 per gallon. You only
need one."


P.S. As for the water outlet breaking off, I read somewhere
on the Mercedes Mailing List that other antifreeze can
be harmful to plastic parts in the cooling system. I use
MBZ antifreeze, not worth my time to fix cooling system
if other antifreeze causes damage. Remember the Saturn
debate in the mid 90's and of course you remember the
Zerex commerical of a radiator leaking sealing itself on
TV. Zerex with its stopleak reportably plugged up a lot
of radiators and was pulled off the market.


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